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Our experience in Power Generation Plants 

  • Glass Flake Lining For Flue Gas Desulphurization, FGD Absorber, Gas Duct, Chimney Stack Lining
  • Rubber Lining For Condenser Water Box
  • Rubber Lining Water Treatments Vessel
  • Rubber Lining Of Butterfly Valve 96 & 108 inches diameter
  • Rubber Lining Pipe & Fittings


In Viscose Rayon, Dyestuff and Colours

  • Rubber Lining Crystallisers, MSFE Evaporators, Spinbath Filter, Tube Sheet etc
  • Lining of Weak Acid storage Vessels
  • Lining of Clean Gas Ducts for WSA Acid Plant
  • Lining of Chimney Stack
  • Acid Proof Brick Lining of Acid Tank
  • Concrete Floor Lining of Chemical & Loading Area
  • Acid Proof Brick Lining Tank Farm,Open Drainage, PTA Plants
  • Reactors, Acid Storage Etc
  • Rubber Lining Vessels, Agitator, Reactor Vessels
  • Concrete Floor Loading Area H2SO4 98% & HCL Syntesa Floor,etc

Mining and Steel Mills Applications

  • Abrasion Resistant Rubber Lining of Ore Handling Equipments & Slurry Pipelines
  • Pulley, Rubber Roll Covering, Plain, Grooved, Diamond Shaped, Ceramic Coated
  • Thickeners, Process Tanks, Storage Tanks, Slurry Handling, Chutes, Pumps Etc
  • Rubber Lining Elution Columns
  • Rubber Lining of Pickling Tanks for steel Industry
  • Carbon Brick & Acid Proof Brick lining of Pickling lines
  • Flotation Units and Vessels or Crude Oil Processing, KO Drums, Test Separators

In Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Food Industries


  • Chemical Industry: Chlor-Alkali, MSG, PTA Plant & Miscellaneous Chemical Plants
  • Lining of Chlor-Alkali & Brine processing vessels, Clarifier, Saturator, Reactor, etc
  • Special Low Ca++ & Mg++ compound for Chlor-Alkali Process
  • Lining of 35% HCL & Sodium Hypochlorite solution  Storage Vessels & Transportation Wagons
  • Concrete Floor Protection against corrosive media
  • Rubber Lining Incineration Plant Equipment & HCL Scrubbers
  • Acid Proof Brick Lining of Quencher
  • Lining of Digesters, Reactor, Evaporator, Acid Storage
  • Centrifuge Basket, Etc
  • Phosphoric Acid Plant Lining
  • Pharmaceuticals & Food Industries:
  • Process Tank, Storage Tank, Ducts, Food Grade Applications
  • Rubber Lining of Pipe & Fittings


In Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

  • Internal Glass Flake Lining Floatation Units
  • Internal Glass Flake Lining of Production Separator, Closed Drain Vessel, Knock Out Drums,etc
  • External Fire Proofing of Vessel, Oil Platforms and Pipelines with Fire Proof Lining “CHARTEK”
  • Seawater Intake Piping System, Offshore Platform & Rigs
  • Maintenance Coating of Structure,Deck Coating,Splash Zone Coating
  • Naphtha & Crude Oil Storage Vessels-Glass Flake
  • Lining of Bottom Surface
  • Petro-chemicals Tanks, Piping, Trenches, Separator, Sumps, Basin, Neutralization, Clarifers

In Pulp & Papers

  • Lining of Brine Clarifier, Brine Filter Tank, Weak Brine Tank, Purification Reactor Tank, Dechlorination Tanks, Etc
  • Special Low Ca++ & Mg++ compound for Chlor-Alkali Process
  • Lining of HCL Separator Tanks , Ion Exchanger Tanks, HCL Storage Tanks
  • Acid Proof Brick for Pulp Bleaching Towers. (DO, D1, D2)
  • Acid Proof Brick Lining For Waste Water Drainage.
  • Concrete Floor Protection of Chemical Plant & Electrolyser Floor
  • Lining of CLO2 Storage Vessels
  • Rubber Lining of Ion Exchanger Tank, Mix-bed Tanks,Clarifier Tank , Etc
  • Rubber Lining HCL & NaOH Storage Tank

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