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Rubber lining is the most popularly used corrosion protection material for past 60 years. We supply all kinds of rubber linings for protection against chemicals and abrasion wear.

Special properties of Rubber Lining are
High “Permeation resistance” against penetration from strong chemicals.
High chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.
High wear resistance against liquid flow, abrasive slurry, colloidal suspensions etc.
High Elasticity, resilient properties.


Synthetic resin coatings have proved highly successful in protection against corrosion. This system are selected on the basis of their specific protective effect & cost

The main product characteristics required are:

  • Permanent chemical resistance & imperviousness
  • Permanent thermal stability
  • Permanent mechanical load bearing capacity
  • Adhesion to substrate (steel, concrete)
  • Resistance to aging
  • Anti adhesion & decontamination properties
  • Crack –bridging capacity (concrete substrate)
  • Physiological safety
  • Electrical discharge capacity

Application Method of Glass Flake Lining:

  • Trowel applied coatings
  • Spray applied coatings
  • Brush applied coatings
  • Reinforce laminate system


Acid Brick or Tile flooring systems provides a permanent solution to protect the underlying membrane against mechanical damage and elevated temperatures. They also greatly enhance the chemical resistance of the entire corrosion protection system.

A complete line of acid-proof brick flooring systems for protection of plant floors that are subject to corrosion, wear of chemical spills are also available.

There are two ways of installation of acid-proof brick/tile.

The direct bond lining

The membrane layer


Industrial flooring systems need to have very special properties matched to the intended application. Floorings used, for instance, in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, automotive or electrical industries need to meet a wide range of requirements such as:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Electrical discharge capability
  • Slip/ skid resistance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Compliance with specific local/ regional legal
  • and environmental requirements

Polyline products has the right system to match any industrial flooring requirement:

  • Screeds and leveling layers
  • Sealing systems
  • Acid-proof mortars
  • Ceramic tiling systems
  • Polymer coatings
  • Special coating systems subject
  • to approval (WHG, KTW, FDA, ….)


The need to protect underground pipes from corrosion started over 60 years ago. The evolution of such protective pipeline coatings started with the use of asphalt, coal tar to cold applied tapes which were followed shortly thereafter with fusion bonded epoxies and more recently 3-layered systems.

The cold applied tape system, which is one of the two leading coating systems , is used on new or reconditioned pipelines carrying oil, gas and water.

Their main function is to provide long term corrosion protection from underground elements as well as mechanical protection.

Wrapping is a multilayer system used for the protection of steel pipelines

This material is a black/ white, machine applied high/low density polyethylene film, calendered with a butyl rubber adhesive. The product is available in four standard thicknesses and a wide variety of widths and lengths.


Fire Proof Lining CHARTEK as passive fire protection is not subject to interruption; if correctly selected and installed, it will remain in place on the structure and equipment to provide fire protection. The correct type of passive fire protection will provide Explosion Resistant, Hydrocarbon And Jet fire protection For Structural Steel On Offshore And Onshore Installations, it will not be damaged in an explosion prior to the fire


Primary Considerations for Chartek

Prevent BLEVE , Boiling Prevent BLEVE,Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion

Structural integrity , Collapse of vessel, Rupture of vessel,Escalation of incident

Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion

Secondary Considerations

Corrosion Protection,Earthquake Damage, Terrorist Action, Thermal Insulation

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